Task planning

The CAA permission to carry out tasks means that we are regulated by the terms and conditions of that permission. The permission also governs the validity of our Insurance.

Each task has to be risk assessed taking into account air space limitations, sensitive areas, and the proximity of people, animals, vehicles and structures.

Permission to take off, fly and land has to be obtained from the Client, the land owner and the owners or occupiers of any property within 50 metres of the task location area.

We cannot fly directly over people, roads and buildings that are not under our control.

If the task involves flying in any other air space than Category G, we may need to contact the local Air Traffic Control in order to determine that the task can be undertaken safely.

We cannot fly in rain or in strong winds. The aerial platform must be in a direct line of sight throughout the task.

Flight times are limited to about 15 minutes per flight battery.