Fee rates

Prices start from as little as £50, excluding travel, but quotations have to be on an individual basis since each task is unique and there are many variables.

There is no cost for a quotation.

After discussing the requirements with the Client, assessing the safety issues and the limitations imposed by the Civil Aviation Authority, a firm quotation can be prepared.

Please note that ALL commercial drone operators in the UK must:

If in any doubt, always ask the operator to show you the above documentation. Any approved operator should be happy to show you these.

All projects include:

Projects may optionally include:

Please see our What We Do page for examples of our services.

35% of the fee is to be paid in advance but is repayable if the task has to be abandoned for some reason. If weather or other restrictions on flight mean that the task has to be postponed, the advance fee will be returned or transferred to the next available task date.

Travel costs are charged at £0.50 per mile.

If accommodation is required that will incur an additional cost.

Payments are to be completed within 28 days unless by prior agreement.